Manufacturing Engineer

December 22, 2022 /

Job Title: Manufacturing Engineer

Reporting to: Manufacturing Engineering Manager


 Job Description

ICS Medical Devices we are seeking candidates for Manufacturing Engineering roles.

The ICS design and manufacturing business has scaled significantly over the last two years with the addition of new projects – ICS is now seeking excellent candidates to support our Manufacturing Engineering group specifically driving process and manufacturing excellence in our manufacturing group.

The candidate will be a strong performer reporting to the manufacturing engineering manager, with responsibility for:

  • Support our manufacturing business. Ensuring delivery of customer product and expectations.
  • Drive manufacturing and process excellence, drive continuous improvement projects to improve yields, throughput and overall quality for our customers.
  • Supporting NPI projects and processes validation projects as new product transfer to production at ICS.
  • Support our production teams with training, process improvements, problem investigation, process updates, documentation updates and customer communication.

Roles & Responsibilities

Customer First

  • Technically Lead customer projects in pilot and commercial manufacturing,
  • Work closely with assigned teams to deliver projects and production volumes successfully to our customers .
  • Customer communication – be technical contact with the customer.
  • Deliver customer expectations, customer is our priority.

Execute projects

  • Technically – develop technical solutions to improve our processes and manufacturing lines for the customer product.
  • Systems – implement and improve procedures, training and workflows per our quality systems.
  • Process – develop and install process capable of meeting design specification and process that are capable of manufacturing customer product efficiently.


  • Operate in a team environment, operate well with all members of our team.
  • Be flexible in support of projects and business goals and priorities.
  • Operate in safe, efficient and clean manner.
  • Seek opportunities for improvement for self and for the team and for the business.


  • Customer expectations are our focus, always consider quality of output.
  • Operated within the ICS Medical Devices quality system.


  • Become proficient in our technologies including Catheter Braiding, Coiling and Reflow technologies, laser welding, catheter assembly including thermal bonding, adhesive bond, pad printing, annealing and many more.
  • Know our business systems and processes, know our quality systems.
  • Learn about product development and the business of medical devices.
  • Develop and enhance your project management, communication and customer skills.
  • Build your experience and knowledge as you look to drive our business and your career forward.


  • Degree or equivalent in engineering or equivalent.
  • Experiences in catheter assembly technologies a significant advantage.
  • Experience in manufacturing, NPI and Process Development an advantage.
  • Proven technical capability.
  • Strong organizational and communication skills.
  • Team player. Flexible, Responsive, an ability to get it done, go the extra mile.



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Manufacturing Engineer

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