Senior R&D Projects Manager

June 23, 2022 /

ICS Medical Devices, Ballybrit, Galway, Ireland

ICS Medical Devices we are seeking candidates for our Snr R&D Projects Manager role.

ICS is a leading contract design developmentprototyping and contract manufacturing partner serving medical device OEMs in the catheter technology field.

The ICS design, development and prototyping business has scaled significantly over the last three years as ICS Medical Devices has grown – ICS seek an excellent candidate to lead this business internally and to complement our technical and quality leadership in the everyday running off the business and serving our customers.

The candidate will be a senior level performer reporting to the CEO with responsibility for the development, delivery and growth of our contract design and development project business.

She/he will be involved in strategy development, and with the ICS leadership team will develop and execute strategies for the purpose of growing, evolving, and developing the ICS business.


Responsibilities of Snr R&D Projects Manager.

Customer First

  • Engage with our customer base development of SOW’s and proposals around new projects, generate project plans and proposals to support new customer engagements. Technically and commercially engage and lead our customer base.
  • Ensure our project and service delivery to our customer is best-in-class, work with our technical and operations teams to support this service delivery. Be the customer voice and champion at ICS Medical Devices.
  • Deliver customer expectations, customer is our priority. Manage customer expectations. Manage customer communication and negotiations.
  • Develop best practices for all our staff in delivery off our customer projects.

Service Delivery

  • Development off and overall management of project planning, ensuring customer, design, engineering, quality, operations and other elements are factored into our planning.
  • Ensure we technically delivery for our customers ensuring application of the appropriate ICS Medical Devices resource and capabilities.
  • Responsible for our service delivery including business OTD for design projects business.
  • Develop best practices for all our staff in delivery off our customer projects.


Support the performance and the growth off the ICS business including.

  • Responsible for R&D Project business delivery and revenue.
  • Responsibility for project business pipeline and new opportunities including planning, generation off commercial quotes and customer negotiation.
  • Development of best practices, methods and tools to support and develop our business.
  • Development off ICS staff to better delivery our customer projects.

Project Management

Lead project management function at ICS Medical Devices.

  • Develop practices, methodologies, and tools to improve our project management function and service to our customers.
  • Responsibility for project delivery to our customers.


  • Operate in a team environment, operate well with all members of our team, contribute positively to our team dynamic and business goals. Be flexible in support of projects and business goals and priorities. Have an ability to operate in our start-up environment.
  • Develop and maintain strong and robust relationships between ICS and our customers.
  • Operate in safe, efficient, and clean manner. Always be considerate of follow team members and our customers.
  • Seek opportunities for improvement for self and for the team and for the business.


  • Customer expectations are our focus, always consider quality of product, work, output and communication.
  • Operated within the ICS Medical Devices quality system. Support our customer in the delivery off their quality expectations.


  • Be knowledgeable in our technologies including Catheter shafts.
  • Be our leader in design project delivery and management – develop the skillsets, tools and practices within ICS Medical Devices.
  • Build strong customer professional relationships and team relationships at ICS Medical Devices.
  • Be part off the ICS leadership team and contribute to ICS management, development, planning and strategy.


Experience and Qualifications for the role.

  • Minimum Degree or equivalent in engineering, or equivalent is essential. Advanced degrees are interesting but not essential.
  • 8+ years Experience in medical device product design and development including product development life cycle from concept to commercialisation is essential.
  • Experiences in medical device catheter technologies a significant advantage.
  • Experience in contract development and manufacturing environments an advantage.
  • Proven experience in customer communication and management.
  • Project management experience, specifically in application in the medical device industry.
  • Very good working knowledge of project management tools and methodologies.
  • Strong organizational and communication skills.
  • Team player. Flexible, Responsive, an ability to get it done, go the extra mile.

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Senior R&D Projects Manager

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