Employee Spotlight: Damien Costello

March 27, 2023 / Employee Spotlight

Damien Costello has been a product builder at ICS Medical Devices for over a year. Damien is the main operator of the steeger braider, an extremely important role for all projects taken on by the company. Damien took on the position of Chairperson of the ICS Sports & Social Club and below shares his insights on his experience at ICS and the culture of the company.


  • What made you choose a career in Medical Devices?

The Medical Device business has been a massively growing industry in Galway for the past decade and I thought being from Galway I would be foolish not to join such a growing community.


  • What to you makes ICS Medical Devices different from other companies?

From the get go your much more involved in the projects. Most projects here start as a prototype which means the engineers and tech’s listen to their product builders more than a normal factory would as they see the project through from start to finish.


  • How has your role evolved since you’ve been here?

I was hired in as a Product builder to assist projects that were shorthanded or in high demand and I am now the main operator of the Steeger braider which is responsible for the base of almost all the projects that come through our doors.


  • What has been the highlight of your time at ICS so far?

Seeing the company transition from its original building at the top of the Ballybrit business estate to our new top of the range facility here slightly further into the business park would definitely be up there with the top highlights. I had never seen a business move buildings like that before, seeing the organisation, manpower and of course being able to help assist in the moving was a very interesting experience for me to be a part of.


  • ICS Medical Devices promotes a healthy work/life balance, what is your favourite thing to do when you are not working

Tag Rugby. In 2022 ICS entered its first team in the annual tag rugby tournament at Corinthians RFC. I was lucky enough to get to participate in this team which had a mix of roles from within the company involved, from Design engineer managers to technicians to Product builders. It was an experience I won’t forget and something I consider to be the reason for my close relationship with the engineers and managers of ICS.


ICS Tag Rugby Team

Damien Costello pictured with ICS Tag Rugby team, “The Taggy Rogers” competing in the final of the Connacht Rugby – Corinthians Social Division 8.


  • What keeps you at ICS Medical Devices?

The People. ICS has such a diverse, kind group of people that are a treat to work with. The fact that it’s not a massive company means that the CEO and managing engineers are more present in the cleanrooms and GMA which makes everyone feel like they are part of a large family.


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