Protecting Your Intellectual Property

June 29, 2021 / Resources

Importance of IP
Here at ICS, we know that one of the most valuable assets for MedTech start-ups and SMEs is their innovative Intellectual Property (IP).

As companies grow and expand, sharing of information with business partners, customers and suppliers becomes necessary, increasing the need to secure valuable intellectual assets. Your partners need to be on your team and support your priorities.

For this reason, we follow our proven processes when working with new and with existing customers to preserve the confidentiality of their information and IP.

Your IP is Yours
Quite simply – your idea, design, specifications, or the outcomes of a simple conversation we share together is yours.

As our first step when establishing a new business relationship, we begin by signing a Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement. Having a clearly defined confidentiality agreement allows us to have free and open communication with our customer/potential customer.

Our engineers at ICS are aware of our customer IP requirements and they know how to protect our customer property: we use a secure file sharing protocol and file access is limited to directly involved personnel in order to support high information security.

As we work on a contract basis for our customers, we do not make any claim on our customers valuable information, each customer owns their designs and IP in totality.

We value your personal information and your trust
The ICS team consists of skilled engineers with over 200 combined years of experience in contract medical devices. We aim to provide a personalised service to suit your needs, by combining industry knowledge, business acumen and innovative engineering techniques.

Our vast experience has taught us the value and significance of Intellectual Property to our customers and therefore, it is our utmost priority to protect our customers’ interest.

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