ICS Medical prototyping capabilities utilising their class-leading technology and facilities.

Catheter Prototyping

We supply prototypes for braided, coiled shafts and sub-assemblies and excel in the complex shafts and devices used in structural heart, coronary, electrophysiology, endoscopic and peripheral vascular applications.

We are committed to your success and to accelerating your product along its development lifecycle.

catheter bond assembly at ICS Medicals Facilities

Flexible and responsive

Our catheter prototypes are tailored to your needs – from quick mock-ups for bench testing, concept evaluation or show and tell; to high-end, high-quality prototypes for lab trials, bench trials, investor review or design freeze evaluation and testing.

Our experienced engineers will ask the technical questions you may not have asked yet. If we see an area for improvement to the design or if we see an opportunity for improvement for design for manufacture (DFM) we will provide the input up front.

ICS medical team member inputting into the catheter prototype design process

We start off with your input – anything from an idea or a concept which we can collaborate on, to a fully developed build-to-print specification, – or anywhere in between! 

ICS Medical Devices team members reviewing prototype design concept
Review and Advise

Our dedicated engineering team will review the requirements and, where feasible and appropriate, provide engineering and DFM input into the Catheter design specification. Our customers value that we are consistent in our rapid, high-standard engagement and input.

ICS Medical Prototype services

There is nothing like seeing your very own idea move from an idea to a physical item. Our skilled technicians and experienced engineers will construct the catheter prototype utilising our class-leading technology and facilities. 

ICS Medical prototyping capabilities utilising their class-leading technology and facilities.
Output (Result)

The final output is your prototype; your idea in your hands.   We can supply the part directly to you and/or we can complete testing in our labs, providing the engineering data back to you.  The next stage is to test and iterate until your product is ready for manufacture. 

Our experienced engineers will ask the technical questions you may not have asked yet. Challenges and opportunities will present themselves along the way. We live to overcome these challenges and take advantage of the opportunities – anything we can do to create a successful product and fast-track our customer success.

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Our success is linked to yours

We value each and every one of our customers, and this can be measured in our response time and the quality of that response. No customer is too big or too small – what matters to us is customers with innovative ideas and an aspiration to be leading market players.

Throughout the process we act as your partner. Our expertise becomes your expertise, our experience becomes your experience.

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Case Studies

ICS Galway, Ireland case studies image-1

Customer A needed a prototype to critique an idea they had for an improvement to their product. The customer was rapidly approaching a design freeze but the idea potentially offered them an advantage in the market. They came to ICS Medical Devices looking for a fast-turn, low-budget prototype to evaluate the idea and allow them build some data to bring into the design decision making process.

Our team ran some quick trials and tests using on-hand material, and after a quick onsite review with the customer to redefine some specifications based on initial observations, we fabricated prototypes and presented to customer along with engineering data and options for future improvements.

This was completed within two weeks (using on-hand materials). Our customer successfully integrated the design improvements we suggested, thus improving their product and their opportunity for success in the market.

ICS Galway, Ireland case studies image-2

Customer B had a product in early stage production but was encountering challenges with their supply chain and was looking for alternate solutions to safeguard their product and the product’s commercial release.


After a technical review of the design and the device construction with the ICS Medical Devices team, we proposed an alternative way of achieving the device specification. The proposal was to combine a number of components into a single assembly to be supplied by ICS, with the win for the customer being fewer suppliers and sourced components, a complex assembly process replaced by a single-sourced assembly from ICS, shorter supply chain and cost reduction of 15% for the overall assembly.


We specified and sourced components, completed initial development, generated engineering data to support critical bonds and functional features performance, completed sub-assemblies and the final assembly and supplied to the customer with full product device history record and controls, thereby successfully meeting all product requirements.


With this successful development and supply of prototypes, the customer was now able to proceed with confidence to make supply chain changes, thus improving their product supply and future logistics for their product.

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