Employee Spotlight: Enya McGowan

May 2, 2024 / Employee Spotlight

Meet Enya, one of the forces behind project administration at ICS Medical Devices.  Enya shares more about her role in at ICS, and a little more about herself!

  • What is your role at ICS Medical Devices, and how long have you been working here?

My role is Project Administrator and I started with ICS Medical back in January 2023.

  • Working with many projects, how do you stay organized and prioritise tasks?

Task wise, to start off my day I like to make a list of all the tasks that I have to complete. I will then organize these tasks into a sense of urgency, importance and if there are any deadlines to be met. Breaking down larger tasks into smaller more manageable ones is a great way to ensure that I am working productively and proactively throughout the day.

To ensure that I am staying organized and keeping track of everything, I use Trello – which is super helpful. Its also very satisfying to see all your tasks in the “completed” section at the end of the day! I also think having clear communication with your coworkers is important, especially letting them know if any task priorities change.

  • How does your role contribute to the company’s overall success?

My role ensures that we have smooth project execution here at ICS Medical. Usually assisting in the allocation of resources, tracking schedules and timesheets, managing budgets, report analysis, documentation, communication with customers and accounts receivable.

  • What skills and qualities have helped you in your role?

Some skills and qualities that I believe to be crucial for my role here at ICS are:

Communication – this allows me to foster relationships with team members and coordinate tasks.

Organization – extremely important when keeping track of multiple projects

Attention to detail – helpful for accuracy in documentation and identifying any issues before they escalate. I do think that having a background in ISM is helpful for the tech side of my job as I work with Excel quite a lot, its also helpful when using other tech platforms.

  • Can you share an interesting or fun fact about yourself that others may not know?

A fact about me is that I come from a big farming background! Growing up on a farm, breathing in the country air and exploring rural life was honestly indescribable. Theres nothing I love more than pulling on my wellies at the weekend to help out my dad on the farm – seeing the little lambs running around in the fields is an absolute delight that we often take for granted.

For me, growing up farming and seeing my dads work ethic set me up learning and developing skills that can be used in my job today. There was a slight hiccup in farm life at the age of 12 when I fell off a quad on the farm and broke my collar bone, but at the end of the day, its all a learning curve. Banned from farm life by my mom for a time, but we are back at it again!



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