Operational Excellence: Insights into ICS Medical’s Operational Success with Matt Carty

March 14, 2024 / Leadership Insights

When did you join ICS? Describe your role.

  • I joined the ICS Medical team in 2023 in the role of ‘Head of Operations’. My responsibilities in this role involve overseeing and coordinating various operational aspects to ensure smooth and efficient business operations.  This involves strategically setting goals and objectives that not only guide our present actions but also enable us to plan for the future. Ultimately, my role is centered around people, technology, quality, delivery and cost, as well as planning for the future to ensure we are scaling and growing with our customers.
  • It is imperative that we align our growth trajectory with the evolving needs of our customers, whether it involves enhancing our capabilities or expanding our capacity. I also head the LEAN initiative here at ICS which allows us to improve our efficiency by eliminating waste and ensure continuous improvement.

Can you tell us about an operational program you have introduced at ICS?

  • The launch of the ICS ‘Operations Excellence’ program saw the introduction of the tiered management structure. This allows performance to be measured under the pillars of People, Quality, Delivery and Cost at all levels of the oraganisation. This regular measurement allows staff to see if we are going off target and to take the appropriate action or escalate where necessary.
  • Having this operation management structure in place is crucial as we scale and grow as an organization. It ensures the engagement of all staff and identifies problems early and at source. When faced with a challenge, this process ensures we, as a team, use structured six sigma problem-solving methods to ensure we are carrying out the most effective solution.

Tell us more about the LEAN practices at ICS Medical.

  • LEAN is a process optimization strategy we use here at ICS Medical. A concept which originated from Japan, LEAN processes support the concept of continuous improvement by improving efficiency and effectiveness through the elimination of waste.
  • At ICS, we are a 5S LEAN workplace. The 5s’ stand for Sort, Set, Shine, Standardise and Sustain. This practice runs through every vein of the company, from manufacturing processes to work areas to equipment, and all staff members are engaged with this practice at various levels. With this practice in place, customers are assured that they are getting the most efficient service possible from our team.

Lean 5S board at ICS Medical Devices

-Lean 5S boards located around ICS facility to track our monthly progress

Line-side board at ICS Medical Dvices

-Line-side boards used to track the progress of projects, training and more

Finally, what makes ICS stand out as an industry-leader in the field of catheter design, development and manufacturing?

  • ICS stands out in the industry as we have the skills, infrastructure, talent, and technology to bring our customer all the way from an initial idea/ concept right through to commercialisation.
  • I believe that ICS’ forte is our flexibility and responsiveness to our customers. We are essentially part of their development team, and we always have one of the team on hand to answer questions, concerns, or challenges that the customer has in their development journey.
  • Our business excellence model drives our operations at all levels and customers can rest assured knowing that they are getting the best quality product made and developed at the highest standards.

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Matt Carty, Head of operations at ICS Medical

-Matt Carty, Head of Operations

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