How quick is a quick-turn prototype?

February 22, 2021 / Case Studies, Resources

How quick is a quick-turn prototype?

It is a question we often get asked by customers – how fast can you get my parts back to me? We understand the time pressures faced by our customers to achieve their priority milestones.

At ICS we pride ourselves on our ability to provide truly rapid prototyping outputs. We don’t just say it – we live it. We do it through night shifts; multiple production lines; agile processes; and committed, highly skilled staff. Whatever it takes to help you meet your deadline.

Here is a recent example of where a client came to us with a request for a part, which we turned around within just a few days, to ensure the client met their deadlines.


Day -2ThursdayCustomer
ICS receive an enquiry for an off-the-shelf or quick solution for an 18Fr compatible sheath for trials for an early-stage Proof of Concept trial our customer was undertaking. ICS respond upon receipt of contact details and requirements confirming receipt, and advising we will follow up within 24hrs.
Day -2ThursdayICS TriageCustom design specification solutions and ‘off-the-shelf’ solutions triaged by the experienced ICS technicians. ICS focus on readily available materials with comparable characteristics to the required specification in order to meet tight timelines. Options communicated to the customer in clear concise format, including the specification achievable and outlining 4-day delivery plan (from receipt of PO) for an order of 10 prototypes.
Day -1FridayCustomer
Customer tweaks design for the ‘off-the-shelf’ solution. ICS confirm suitability and issue quote. Customer confirms intention to raise PO.
Day 1MondayKittingPO is received. ICS technicians engage on order fulfilment. The order is scheduled, and materials kitted.  Specifications are reconfirmed with the customer in line with the available materials.
Day 2TuesdayPrototypePrototype order started through initial assembly steps.
Day 3WednesdayFinishingOrder completed, shipping details confirmed, and any updates on prototype specifications and design are communicated
Day 4ThursdayShippingParts shipped to customer. Customer prepared to proceed to trials.

This is a real-world example that we have just recently completed, and it is entirely typical of the great work that our technicians can achieve.

It must be said too, that the customer was on-board with us throughout; providing specifications, PO, and feedback just as quickly as we required it. This obviously is crucial to us being able to deliver at such speed. In simple terms – if you can move quickly, so can we!

Ultimately the customer met their deadlines and ICS takes great pride and satisfaction from the role we played in assisting that.

So, how quick is a quick-turn prototype? Well, from PO to shipping within just 4 days – that quick!

Contact us today to discuss how we can apply our capabilities to your project!

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